1. keesharl's Avatar
    ok, so sat i went on a canoe and took my bb (big mistake) put it in a ziplock bag with my keys but when we flipped it some how still managed to get wet! UGHH!! anyways i took the battery out and all put it in front of a fan for a day or so, then i blow dried it a bit. I put it all back together the phone works, i can recieve calls, messages, etc. but the keyboard does NOT work the trackball work well it will move around and all just wont let you select anything with the ball. the side keys also do not work! can anyone help or suggest anything??? i've seen the rice ordeal and oven thingy but its been 4 days already and its still the same problems!
    07-08-09 03:23 PM
  2. kansasman's Avatar
    My suggestion if you got insurance pay the dudctibal or take it in to your local provider and have the tech look at it they done wonder for me before fix stuff I didn't think could be fix didn't cost me nothin I got the storm so I don't have a key board or a ball and my first bb si I don't know how they work sorry I coulnt have help you better but I hope everything works out for you

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    07-08-09 06:12 PM
  3. crackzilla's Avatar
    Honestly take it in and get a new one man you dont need to put up with that. If you're feeling Macgyver-ish you can dislodge the trackball with a bobbi pin or toothpick, clean the housing and put it back in... bottomline take it in and get another one.

    I have a storm and i dropped it in a puddle of dirty *** brooklyn water after a few hours it dried out and worked fine thats the advantage of not having a trackball. Good luck man.
    07-09-09 09:51 AM