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    i'm a newbie to here, and needs some serious help. My lil brother was playing with my BB and accidently deleted my BB GPS mapping installed/came with the device, I belived it's called EZNav (?), anyway, how can I reinstall it back again ?

    Another question, I can't find the browser on my BB 8800 at all. Where should it be ? if it's not in there, where can I download it ? Thanks

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    08-09-07 01:28 AM
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    I suggest you reload the OS from the CD that came with the device. Or, speak with the carrier, they may be able to provide a location for download.

    I wonder if having this EZNav uninstall, got rid of the browser. I take it you've unhidden all the icons to check?

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    08-09-07 07:22 AM
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    Or, he may have deleted a bunch of stuff. Hope you backed up.
    08-09-07 08:45 AM