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    OK here is the deal,
    I've been a Treo user for about a year and a half now and im addicted to having a smartphone and can't imagine my self with out a full keyboard anymore.

    I've always been intrested in a blackberry but i've been so close to my treos that i don't know nothing has ever pushed me over the edge and made me get one.

    I do alot of talking on my treo but somehow I see Blackberry devices more of like a data device that an a phone so i don't know Will it be hard to adapt to talking my heavy talking on a blackberry? Also I do alot of texting a whole lot of texting my treo is a very texting friendly phone how text friendly is a blackberry will it be a big change? I check my email alot too I have Hotmail/Msn as a email provider right now does the blackberry support them and will I have like Alerts everytime i get an email? or will i have to go on like a browser and check for the email my self? Those are my major questions and concerns and prob are the only thing holding me back from being a "Crackberry User" Blackberry look so much better and intresting that treos
    I like the idea of the sidewheel but i see that the newer blackberry dont have it anymore Like the 8830 has like a trackball thingy which is cool too but i kinda like the sidewheel on the 8703 (Im a sprint user by the way)

    Thanks and I appologize if im asking stupid questions
    10-15-07 09:41 PM
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    Welcome to The Crack! You are not alone. Search the forums and see what other Treo users after returning from the Dark Side. These same questions have been asked and answered several times over, so you should be able to find a broad spectrum of Treo opinions here.

    Most Treo users remark on the speed differences between WinMo and BB, how much faster BB is compared to their Treo. Browsing is better, and push e-mail really makes the difference. The BlackBerry started as a messaging device, so it excels in all aspects of that, and I find it to be a fantastic phone, to boot. I am a Nokia fanboy, so I will not tolerate a substandard phone, and I have been quite pleased with my 8300, my very first BlackBerry. This, after 7 Nokias (and 1 Sony-Ericsson, which we won't talk about) over about 12 years. I've also been without a landline since 1999, so I really count on my cellphones.

    My wife had a Palm Tungsten E and separate phone, and she really wanted a Treo. She changed her mind the moment I showed her the Curve's pre-release website. We got two of them the week they came out and couldn't be happier with them.

    There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.
    10-16-07 09:32 AM