1. rockybalsamo's Avatar
    I just dumped my Treo and got the 8330 Curve. So far I like what I see, however there are two situations that I really need help/advice with.

    First... I sync my BB with Outlook 2003 (using Gmail) using the USB. I have found that unlike the Treo, my new BB device only offers 2 fields for Contact phone numbers. Many of my contacts have 3 or 4 phone numbers. Is there any way to add additional field to the BB? Any thoughts on a quick fix here. I'm a Realtor and I have over 1,000 contacts. This is not good.

    Second... is there any way at all to sync email so that I'm not having to delete my email off of my BB and my home computer? This is tedious and time consuming. I use Outlook's .pst files to manage my business on my PC; Losing Outlook is just not an option. Thoughts?

    10-03-08 11:58 AM
  2. BerryThumbs's Avatar
    1. If you go into your address book and edit the address there are up to 8 areas you could enter a number granted some are work2 and home2 etc but there are at least 4 unique phone # spots.

    2. On my 8330 when I click on delete email it ask if i want to delete it from my mailbox also is this not an option on you BB?
    10-03-08 12:07 PM
  3. fehrnazer's Avatar
    I am a former treo/centro user and the contact issue is what I miss most about the palm OS. You can add additional emails but you are limited as far as contacts go. You can either input number in the "pager" or "other" fields or just create a whole new contact for the same person. This is really frustrating and I am surprised that RIM doesn't have a solution for this problem. This works perfectly with the Palm and iPhone, additionally there are many different contact/address book software that you can buy.

    If you ever find a better solution, please let me know.
    10-03-08 12:59 PM