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    okay so i have had my new BB for about five months now. i really would appreciate all of your guys' help. the problems i have with my BB are as followed:

    1. after I added a 1g chip in the back of my phone, it started freezing alot. i mean like big time. even when i want to open my picture folder to like foward a pix, it takes about three to five mins to unfreeze. what i do when i get frustrated is take out the battery and again goes back to normal. i dont think i have the necesserary to be doing this.

    2. after about a month of having the chip the volume to the berry speaker stopped working. even the calls the the volume went all the way to the lowest volume settings. it sucks!!!!! i did the menu from the Send section n put the defaul call volume to 100% from the help of a great guy but the speaker for the media player still doesnt work.

    3. how can i update my OS

    thank you guys for your time and thanks in advanced
    08-18-08 05:20 AM
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    Hi and welcome to CB, it could be your memory card which is the problem, have you formatted the memory when you 1st inserted it into your BB?
    please check the following link for some of your answers:

    BlackBerry 101 How-To Lecture Series | CrackBerry.com
    08-18-08 05:38 AM
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    I got the same error using my 1gb sd. I tried everything but there is some leak about that. You can remove all your files before format your sd using XP. After using blackberry os. Then will improve a little. Finally I bought 2gb sd.

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    08-18-08 10:22 PM