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    So hi. Lol.

    Hello, my name is Cliff, but you may call me anything that you so please. I am from from Canada, eh, and I have no idea where the "eh" sterotype comes from. If you haven't already figured, I am running out of things to talk about.

    Let's see..

    My interests are badminton, women, and chocolate milk. I like playing around with GFX and listening to sad music. (Now playing: Bruno Mars - It Will Rain

    I am your average 17-year old Asian male. Whoop.

    I started my Blackberry adventure after my HTC Hero was rendered useless after taking a dive in my toilet. I was pointed towards the 9700, and so got a black one. After several months of good use (and abuse), it got stolen at a party I was at. I decided to give it another go and proceeded with a purchase of a white 9780, and I was impressed. However, last weekend I went on a camping trip with it and it never came back with me. I have now downgraded to a ghetto phone which I refuse to name. I am in hopes of purchasing the 9900. I'm currently waiting for my paycheque and would like to see what the white version of it looks like before deciding on the colour.

    Cool story, right? Thanks.

    Yeah. o_o
    11-26-11 04:57 PM
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    yeah cool story
    12-22-11 01:43 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry forums. Good luck with whatever new phone you manage.

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    12-22-11 05:35 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry. Good luck on the 9900!
    12-27-11 10:02 PM
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    Sorry but LOL!
    01-02-12 12:14 AM