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    Hello My name is. Diane and I am a gadget-a-holic! My Blackberry Bold won't be in my hot little hands until Thursday or Friday. I don't Know if I can wait that long!

    My phone addiction (there are others-like coins, tokens, silver jewelry and UMP's to name a few) has been Something like this this year and last.)

    Nokia N93 has been the phone I always went back to. The only one I haven't Sold to replace. There was the Dopod U1000. Sold. Apple iphone, Gave it to my Son. HTC Advantage 7500 Sold. i-mate ultimate, sold. Samsung's i900 Omnia. Sold. Then bought the the HTC Touch Pro.

    Two days ago I am having Coffee with a friend and she pulls out her Blackberry to check her email I'm like "can I see your phone?" I liked it but I really like larger phones. I don't Know what model hers was-but the next day I am on T-mobiles website because I am allowed an upgrade. I have actually NEVER owned one of their phones except the first Sidekick and that was about five years ago. after looking at T-mobiles' phones I went to ebay and Typed in "Blackberry."

    I saw a Blackberry touchscreen pre-order phone - but to tell the truth, I love a touchscreen, except on phones! I am always dialing someone accidentally or hanging up on them or the screen goes blank when I need to press a number or turn off or on my bluetooth... or a half dozen other things. I was going to force myself to stick with the HTC Touch Pro until the Sony Xperia got to the states. But I know I would only sell it and go back to my Nokia until something else came along.

    THEN I SAW THE BLACKBERRY BOLD. I was on the phone immediately with my "dealer" asking, 'Do you have The Blackberry Bold?" He has a few on order and will have them on Wednesday or Thursday. He will buy my HTC Touch Pro back and ship me my new one overnight as soon as it arrives...

    So there you have my story... I will be like a kid at Christmas for a week.. I don't know if I can stand it!
    09-20-08 09:57 AM
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    good luck with your new toy !!!
    09-20-08 09:59 AM
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    Welcome and have fun with your new berry.

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    09-20-08 10:00 AM
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    Welcome to CB!

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    09-20-08 10:01 AM
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    Welcome and enjoy your new berry. Be sure to check out the blackberry 101 lecture series, it will help you get to know your BB better .

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    09-20-08 10:03 AM
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    welcome to cb!!
    you will love your bold
    09-20-08 10:31 AM
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    welcome to cb!

    and please wait for the Bold. Don't go be making a purchase for some other phone if you really like the Bold!
    09-20-08 12:01 PM
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    Welcome to Crackberry. I'm sure you will love the Bold. Congratulations
    09-20-08 12:04 PM
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    Holla holla holla, welcome to cb

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    09-20-08 12:32 PM
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    welcome and hope you enjoy the BOLD when you get it
    09-20-08 12:39 PM
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    Welcome to CB and enjoy your new Bold when you receive it!
    09-20-08 12:41 PM
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    Welcome to CB... check it out... there are a lot of great information here, and a lot of people that have a lot of knowledge... not me, I'm still learning.
    09-20-08 12:42 PM
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    welcome to cb
    09-20-08 01:18 PM
  14. davinojr's Avatar
    Congrats I need to get mine

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    09-20-08 03:13 PM
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    Welcome to CB.
    09-20-08 08:27 PM
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    Welcome to crackberry and woooow thts a interesting story I'm the same way with phones and this blackberry is the best phone I've had so far I'm just waiting on the Bold to drop on ATT..

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    09-20-08 09:15 PM
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    [I]Welcome to Crackberry!!![I]

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    09-20-08 09:26 PM