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    Greetings everyone... to begin, If I can help you with something, let me know.

    I got a Blackberry Curve 8330 activated with Sprint about 4 weeks ago, and while casually browsing the net I stumbled upon here and was happy to do so so something can get cleared up.

    1.) This is not a carrier specific inquiry so bare with me a momment I recently found out my BB Pin # and made note of it... I live in Texas and was wondering, can I get a blackberry users pin # that lives in another countrry and add them to my BB messenger and have a chat? If so, I assume there are no charges and that would be great. For some reason I do believe this is a far stretch,, but just in case I'd like to hear your answers. If it helps, the country in question is the Dominican Republic. I was living there for 5 years, and it's such a fun and great place, but developing country nontheless and recently while facebooking I noticed a DR friend put a "BB Pin #" up on their status, which is what made me wonder in the first place.

    2.) One more note, I have an unlimted everything (text, talk, internet, gps, etc) with Sprint.... they mentioned something about no roaming charges. I already tried going out of state (New Mexico) and using my BB no problem, but my question once again relates to travel -- can I use this BB phone no problem say... in Santo Domingo, Dom. Republic without roaming charges?

    Cheers and thanks in advance. I don't mind reading and researching but since this is the introduction forum, I thought I'd give it a try.
    01-28-09 12:26 AM
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    Dunno about S.D.bu Sprint eliminated roaming charges more than 2 years ago, not long before I got my old Katana.

    PINs are specific to the device itself, and is unique to each BB. You will find that when getting a new unit, you'll have to give your buddies your new PIN.

    If you have the person's PIN, you can send messages to them wherever they have service.

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    01-28-09 01:50 AM