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    Hey everyone, I have had a curve for sometime now and have learned a ton from all the great people on here! What I need to know is how to put music on to a curve. All of my music is on itunes. I have a 2gb card in my BB. Thanks for the help on advance!!

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    10-04-08 03:33 AM
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    You would use Desktop Manager and go to where is something like "sync media files" (I'm at work and doing this from memory). Then a Roxio program will come up. Browse to the folder you keep your music in and copy it to the BB.
    10-04-08 06:18 AM
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    Here's a link to information about converting itunes for your berry. Also, in the future if you have songs on your computer in a format the berry can use, all you need to do is plug your berry in to the usb port, say yes to turn on mass storage mode (if it isn't already set to turn on automatically) then drag and drop your music onto your berry. It will load onto your card and you're good to go. This is about a thousand times faster than Roxio. When you turn on mass storage mode, your berry will show up as a detachable drive on your computer ready to accept data.
    This is also how you can use your berry to transport files from one computer to another.

    Here's a link to BlackBerry's media sync for itunes:
    BlackBerry Media Sync

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    10-04-08 10:33 AM