1. porkchops's Avatar
    Hi, im new to this, anyine be able to give me help on how to get my work emails to my blackberry. I have tried on the device but not sure where to find details i need for example outlook url? mailbox name?

    any help be much appreciated!!!!
    11-24-08 05:19 AM
  2. thepaintedpony's Avatar
    Hey PorkChops,

    Wanted to welcome you to CB! Great name, BTW!

    Check out the links in my signature!
    11-24-08 05:28 AM
  3. TheMilkyWay's Avatar
    You need to do some "searches" in here for your specific problem. I don't even understand your question. Are you asking how to set up BIS or are you asking how to set up Desktop Manager?

    If BIS, go to BlackBerry

    and if Desktop Manager, read all the post on Outlook. You NEED Outlook in order for it to sync. As a suggestion, search "Please Help Me" in this forum. Good Luck and welcome and I love your call name too!
    11-24-08 05:33 AM
  4. porkchops's Avatar
    cheers guys,

    got signed up to the blackberry website but they need to know my email server any idea where i get that in outlook? my outlook is on work comp that you cant load anythin on too so i cant detect settings. any tips?
    11-24-08 08:43 AM
  5. joe003's Avatar
    11-24-08 04:55 PM