1. bberrynewbie84's Avatar
    I was messing around wit my emails on my curve and now i can't get my html links to some up,can someone help me?
    11-19-08 01:20 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    If you have OS 4.5 installed on your BB, follow the steps from the link below.

    Configure HTML email messaging support in BlackBerry Internet Service 2.5
    11-19-08 01:27 PM
  3. bberrynewbie84's Avatar
    how do i find out what version I have?
    11-19-08 01:35 PM
  4. Chrisy's Avatar
    3rd line down

    The latest OS for Curve 8330 is

    If you want HMTL email go to this link and follow the instructions to update your phone's OS to VZW 4.5: BlackBerry® Software Updates

    Make sure you do a backup up of your device first.
    make sure to check the box next to install for DOCS TO GO.

    EDIT: as sunkast advised, if you are new to blackberry it is good to wait until you feel confident that you can upgrade the OS. Here is a thread to read through that gives OS 4.5 feedback: http://forums.crackberry.com/f71/vzw...eedback-89608/
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    11-19-08 01:36 PM
  5. sunkast's Avatar
    If you don't know, then you most likely have OS 4.3. If you just recently got your BB, and have never owned one before, I would recommend you take a month or so to learn how the BB works before you attempt to upgrade the OS.
    11-19-08 01:40 PM
  6. thepaintedpony's Avatar
    Absolutely - agree with Sunkast 100%.

    Do not attempt an upgrade until you know quite a bit about your phone!

    The upgrade process can go very smoothly, or very NOT! :-)

    BTW, welcome to CB!
    11-19-08 10:06 PM