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    I went to an old post of mine so I could get to My Profiles (I don't know any other way to get there). It's a good thing someone had sent me a message, because Profiles didn't list all the options on the left side of the page like the Message page does. That's where I found "Options" so I could change some settings. My question is....

    Is there an easier way to get to that page? Thanks

    05-25-08 05:52 PM
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    in the top right hand corner is a tab that says "my account"

    click on that and go to forum settings...

    05-25-08 05:55 PM
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    Members List > Search Members > type your name, click
    05-25-08 05:55 PM
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    Hello and welcome to CRACKberry!! On the top of the page there is a blue line with different options written in white letters. Just select the "User CP" option and it will take you to your User Control Panel where you can change just about any of your user settings. There are several other ways of getting here, but after logging in, I find this way the fastest and easiest way, at least for me! Have fun and enjoy the best site for Blackberry's on the Planet!! P.S.: This option is only available while in the Forums. Sorry, I forgot about that minor little detail. Anyway, Enjoy.
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    05-26-08 11:23 AM
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    Thanks, I found the User CP. I'll have to subscribe to my posts I guess. I wanted to avoid getting all those emails.... I just need to go to my "Posts" so I can look for the answers.

    Right now, I have to find an old post and click on my User Name and up comes a Menu where I can click on 'all posts by this user' or some such thing. I guess there's no easy way.

    05-28-08 12:05 AM