1. bbsocialite's Avatar
    I purchased a previously owned Blackberry from Ebay and I just got it activated last night. Everything is working perfectly. However, I just received some text messages saying that an email account has been set up. The email is one that I don't recognize. How can I completely delete it from my Blackberry? I don't plan on using email at all.
    07-03-07 08:29 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    So thus far you've not logged into BIS, and added an email account? From the device, go to options / advanced options / service book / find the name of said email account, and delete it (menu / delete)...

    Ps: you should at least name the device, provider, etc, etc...
    07-03-07 09:19 PM
  3. bbsocialite's Avatar
    Sorry. I am using Blackberry 7130e for Verizon Wireless.

    I did that, but it's still forwarding his emails to my account.
    07-03-07 10:12 PM
  4. kasperapd's Avatar
    His BIS account with Verizon needs to be deleted.
    07-03-07 10:17 PM
  5. Okorhi Jennifer's Avatar
    I got a blackberry playbook which already has a bbm user id and since it's not my email address on it I can't log out the previous user. How do I delete the bb user id already popping on and log on my own account or create a new one.

    04-17-14 07:52 AM
  6. NYMETSFAN86's Avatar
    Make sure the PlayBook was wiped. Just to be safe, go into the options menu (wheel in top right hand corner) and go down to the privacy and security section. You can then do a full wipe of the PlayBook. That'll bring it to the way it was right from the factory.

    Since it is a used PlayBook, you may want to go onto eBay and purchase a BlackBerry PlayBook Rapid Wall Charger:

    Genuine Blackberry Playbook AC Home Wall House Travel Rapid Charger 12V 2A | eBay

    This has a 3 pin magnetic charging port that goes into the port on the right on the bottom. Sometimes the standard micro USB ports can go after a while so this will be worth having so you're not stuck.
    04-17-14 12:01 PM