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    Hi Gang,

    I entered the market for my first cell phone last week and ended up getting the 8320 from T-Mobile just by pure luck. Any other phone would have been a wide miss.

    I bought the T-Mobile 'Blackberry Starter Kit' which includes a holster. Here is the problem: blackberry keys end up getting pressed when the phone is in the holster as well as when I am holstering and de-hostering so when I de-holster the device, I am always looking at a screen that is in the middle of some operation that was triggered by the pressed keys.

    The leather sheath that came with the phone is better about that and also puts the phone to sleep which the holster does not. But the sheath does not
    have a belt loop nor does it have a flap on the top to keep the phone secure.

    I was wondering what other people do about this problem. Thank for any ideas.

    10-02-07 04:44 PM
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    Greetings Steve,
    Lock your keypad before holstering your device.

    I have an 8820 and am currently using the BB OEM case. It works well, but like you I don't trust it's retention capability. I don't like plastic holsters at all. Pouches are good if you carry your device in a purse. My case has a thin strap that goes over the top of the device, it's magnetic. I'm sure you know what I am talking about. It's a joke unless you wear the device vertically.

    I'm going to order about 5 cases from the crackberry store, ranging from metal, leather (with and without screen/keyboard protection) and test the fit for each. Wife needs one with screen protection... any BB screen is no match for diamond earrings.
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    10-21-07 03:39 PM
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    Check out the CrackBerry store here or ChineseCat's store (she's a member here) - best money I have spent is on a BlackBerry holster that supports sleep. My battery lasts forever and I think that it is due to sleep mode.
    Can't imagine having to dig around in my purse to find my BB!
    10-21-07 05:25 PM