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    Hey everyone. I'm a newbie. these forums have saved me from pulling my hair out multiple times. Is there anyway I can set certain sms' to be a level one message? or messages from a certain number or contact to be level one?
    08-26-08 02:47 PM
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    Welcome to CB. I thought that you could only set the message type as a level one, like setting your work email to level one, or you BB messenger. I could be wrong.
    08-26-08 02:58 PM
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    Hello and Welcome!

    as far as your question i'm not sure, but as soon as one of the " Gods of the Forums " see this i am sure you will have an answer
    08-26-08 02:59 PM
  4. bmcclure937's Avatar
    You cannot set certain SMS or MMS to be 'Level 1' as far as I know...

    You can do this for email, but not for other messages

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    08-26-08 03:04 PM
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    hey thanks everyone!
    08-28-08 03:08 PM
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    If you use AlertMatrix, you can set it up to notify you when certain people call, email, or text you. Hope this helps.
    08-28-08 03:46 PM
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    08-28-08 05:41 PM
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