1. WifeyMaterial's Avatar

    I just wanted to introduce myself to the BB world..This website is awesome..I have learned so much from you all in the past few days. I just got my BB curve 8310 red on Dec. 26. I just love all the help/input/advice that the users have to give..
    01-02-08 06:19 PM
  2. emptydarkone's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry! There is scads of information here, as I also found out.
    01-02-08 06:21 PM
  3. berrywhite's Avatar
    Welcome Wifey!! Enjoy!
    01-02-08 06:46 PM
  4. JayPee's Avatar
    Hello from another fellow newbie!...
    01-02-08 06:50 PM
  5. castlerock611's Avatar
    Welcome to the "crack",curious,what exactly makes you wifey material?
    01-02-08 06:54 PM
  6. cindylov4's Avatar
    ^^ Lol. Welcome
    01-02-08 07:06 PM
  7. daddybear's Avatar
    welcome to the crack.

    01-02-08 07:07 PM
  8. orle8050's Avatar
    Welcome to CB! Warnig this site is very addictive, feed your addiction.
    01-02-08 09:07 PM
  9. WifeyMaterial's Avatar
    Im already addicted..
    01-02-08 09:41 PM
  10. gmergurltech's Avatar
    Hello and Welcome...fellow Newbie here .
    01-02-08 11:43 PM
  11. Airborne_CD's Avatar
    Welcome Welcome Welcome to CRACKBERRY!
    01-02-08 11:47 PM
  12. renegade37918's Avatar
    welcome wifey to our world of sore thumbs..
    01-03-08 01:24 AM
  13. surfanimal's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    01-03-08 01:49 AM
  14. Bedrock's Avatar
    Welcome to CB... Let the addiction begin
    01-03-08 07:47 AM
  15. BLIZZ's Avatar
    Welcome, from another newb.
    Love your user name. Made me LOL
    01-03-08 08:12 AM
  16. anonymous924's Avatar
    Hello and welcome!
    I am new to the forum myself but I love it!
    I have learned so much!
    01-03-08 08:18 AM
  17. corymcnutt's Avatar
    Welcome Wifey...this forum is a wealth of knowledge. No matter how much we love our BBs, and we do, there are always software glicthes and other problems that turn up when you own such a hi-tech piece of equipment. This forum will take your hand and guide you through the process of correcting them...it's a great bunch of people. ENJOY!
    01-03-08 08:23 AM
  18. LilUnique's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry newbies!!!
    01-03-08 10:35 AM
  19. cate's Avatar
    hi & welcome to the site.
    01-03-08 07:03 PM
  20. WifeyMaterial's Avatar
    thanx for all of the responses
    01-04-08 01:31 AM
  21. dacur's Avatar
    hey! love your name! and welcome
    01-04-08 07:58 AM
  22. TorLin's Avatar
    hello there....!
    01-04-08 06:30 PM
  23. LMJ_8130's Avatar
    welcome to the addiction!
    01-04-08 07:44 PM
  24. danny595's Avatar
    Welcome wifey. Red bb curve's rule!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    01-05-08 06:51 AM
  25. hovelange's Avatar
    hello, welcome from european crackberry newbie
    01-05-08 07:56 AM