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    Hi All,

    First post to introduce myself as I wait for my Playbook to arrive from PC World. Their price of 129 for the 64BG version convinced me to take the plunge. After I saw the advert in the papers last weekend I started looking at it more closely – and realised that version 2.0 answered the questions that made me reject the idea when I read the reviews at initial launch.

    Even though I’m an Android fanboy the Nexus 7 is 200 for a 16GB version and even the 8Gb is 160 – and it can’t do Flash out of the box (hardware spec is nice though). There may be cheap Android tablets out there – but I don’t fancy the build quality.

    I’ve been an iPod user for years but the iPad is ridiculously expensive – 400 for 16Gb and I definitely want a more compact size - even if the 7” iPad does appear in the next month or so it’s not going to be 129 (and it probably won’t do Flash either).

    I’ve “served my time” with mobile devices over the years - Psion Siena, Psion MX5, an early Widows CE device (Sharp Mobilon IIRC), various Nokias running Symbian (3650, E70, E90), a Winmo powered Asus M530, an EeePC and Android phones (HTC Tattoo, Acer e210) culminating in my current HTC ChaCha (Android in a Blackberry form factor)

    I guess I’m going to have a lot of questions to start with (I've got one already) so I’ll post them in the appropriate place.


    08-31-12 02:40 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry forums. There are lots of knowledgeable and friendly folks here to answer any questions, Enjoy.
    08-31-12 04:33 AM