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    I am looking to buy a blackberry and I am clueless!! Can someone please point me in the direction of one with the full internet and the most media features? I was interested in an iphone but decided to go against it. I dont want the Blackberry because there is no push to talk. Can someone help please?
    06-29-08 06:24 PM
  2. jenaywins's Avatar
    All blackberry devices have full internet capabilities and the same media interface. However, some carriers have features which others don't: IE GPS and video recording. It is really your decision on which model works best for you. Do a little research, and you'll be fine.

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    06-29-08 06:30 PM
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    Go here BlackBerry and check out some of the devices, select the ones that you think you want and compare them to each other and you will find one you love. I saw a curve from AT&T with puch to talk at the mall.
    06-29-08 06:34 PM
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    Well, I mean I have no need for this as far as work goes so I want the best one in regards to media. They all seem cool and have good reviews but which is the best for surfing the web, watching movies, and listening to music? Thanks
    06-29-08 06:40 PM
  5. hearmeoutx's Avatar
    Do you have a certain provider you are aiming towards going with, or does it just depend on the BB you choose to purchase?
    06-29-08 06:41 PM
  6. john11775's Avatar
    AT&T is the provider I am switching to.
    06-29-08 06:43 PM
  7. jenaywins's Avatar
    Like I said they all have essentially the same interface as far as media and full internet. The only real difference there as far as you are concerned is the different screen sizes and internal memoury size.

    Honestly, if you are looking for a device specifically for media advantages, blackberry may not be the way to go. RIM does not focus heavily on media. Instead, their bread and butter lies in the "business" aspects of these phones. They are wonderful, but, in comparison, the media features are sub par at best.

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    06-29-08 06:45 PM
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    Well I have look around and I don't like what's out there as far as media phones, I understand that Blackberry is catered to the businessman. I just want a media friendly one. Are you saying that as far as media options and features they are all exactly the same?
    06-29-08 07:09 PM
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    You can take advantage of full HTML web browsing using OperaMini...

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    06-29-08 09:55 PM
  10. jenaywins's Avatar
    Yes, pretty much. The phones all have the same basic interface. Shortcut keys and simple things like that differ from device to device, but I would assume this is due to the different keyboard setups.

    Your media options will all be the same on every device - and limited, at that. The curve is your best bet - large screen, better graphics, full qwerty.

    On the plus side, there are TONS of 3rd party apps you can install to your bb to enhance your media experience. Miutunes is one of these. But if you're looking for a spectacular native media experience, you will be disappointed with blackberry. I recommend you go to a store and mess around with one.

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    06-29-08 09:59 PM
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    welcome john to cb
    06-29-08 10:36 PM
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    Thank you everyone I appreciate your assistance
    06-30-08 08:10 AM
  13. LYTBRTE's Avatar
    opera mini
    06-30-08 01:39 PM
  14. jenaywins's Avatar
    opera mini
    Well that was....... concise....
    06-30-08 01:41 PM
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    Welcome to CB!!

    If you are looking to use your device as a media hub and are with ATT, just get the iPhone and save yourself the trouble!!

    I am all for my Berry, but it is not meant exclusively for media!! And browsing is a better experience on the iPhone as well.

    Push email and enterprise email, etc are better on the Berry... until we can see how MobileMe does.
    06-30-08 01:41 PM