1. blackberry-princess's Avatar
    I have just posted my first thread on CB, which funnily enough are my initials!!

    I am 20 from Kent, UK. I work for Sky TV in customer relations! I love it, got great work mates and just generally everything is fantastic!

    I have 8 guinea pigs, one is called Blackberry ( I think you can guess why!)

    Yeah that basically tells you all you need to know, and I own a Curve which I am so in love with and I was brave enough to upgrade the OS on today

    12-10-08 06:34 AM
  2. BlackBerryBob's Avatar
    Alright! Now we have a mascot! Make him a little cape with the CB logo and he'll be the Mighty Mouse...er...G.P of CrackBerry Land.

    I need to lay off the Monter dirinks...Welcome to CB!
    12-10-08 06:40 AM
  3. joe003's Avatar
    Very nice! And welcome to CB!

    Enjoy the addiction™
    12-10-08 06:43 AM
  4. blackberry-princess's Avatar
    yeah I am enjoying it soo far
    12-10-08 06:44 AM
  5. BlackPearl890's Avatar
    Welcome to the CB addiction!
    12-10-08 08:23 AM
  6. latina berry's Avatar
    Welcome to CB.

    Bienvenido a casa.

    12-10-08 08:42 AM
  7. Acorn's Avatar
    that thing is huge. what do you feed him nachos!
    12-10-08 08:50 AM
  8. BLu's Avatar
    Nachos and steak, I'm guessing. With protein shakes between meals! It's the Great Dane of the Guinea Pig world. His name should be 'Hulk' or 'Brutus' instead!

    Welcome princess,from a fellow UK crackhead
    12-10-08 09:21 AM
  9. CrackBlack's Avatar
    Welcome to the Crack!
    12-10-08 02:42 PM
  10. greg24's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry!!

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    12-10-08 02:43 PM
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    Hello & welcome to the addiction!!!
    12-10-08 03:05 PM
  12. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    Hello and welcome to CB.
    12-10-08 07:37 PM
  13. blackberry-princess's Avatar
    Thanks guys, she is a big girl, probably my biggest ( I have 8) but shes amazing, I rescued her from a centre, she had been abandoned in a derelict house for three weeks

    but now I have her and shes the happiest piggie ever.
    12-11-08 02:35 AM
  14. Kompressor33's Avatar
    Welcome aboard. Cute guinea pig you got there.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-11-08 02:54 AM
  15. CJH315's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    12-11-08 02:57 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry!

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    12-12-08 11:48 PM
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    lol this was an enthusiastic post! welcome to the crack!
    12-12-08 11:53 PM