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    Hey everyone I have been tearing through this forum trying to learn everything I can about the Blackberry Storm and Blackberries in general.

    This has been a great resource for most everything i have had questions about...

    Im currently with sprint (contract is pretty much out now) and have never owned a BB. I just sold my Sprint HTC Touch to stack up some cash for the Storm... One Question that i have is that since im coming from using a device with windows mobile which i flashed to 6.1, is there any way in having the texts layed out like an instant message?... its not too big of a deal but i loved that feature on windows mobile so i dont have to go through texts to figure out what the last message said before i reply.
    11-12-08 02:41 PM
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    welcome to CB!

    and the texts are not threaded, but there are apps you can buy to make it threaded

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    11-12-08 02:43 PM
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    thanks for the quick reply! i figured there would be apps to do so... but ill prob leave the storm for a while well at least a week lol
    11-12-08 02:48 PM
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    Blaxican, welcome to Crackberry

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    11-12-08 02:51 PM
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    Welcome to CB!

    Enjoy the addiction
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    11-12-08 03:19 PM
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    Welcome to the club. You'll be happy with a BlackBerry.
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    The sms is threaded, just not like the iPhone or Treo. You can change the amount of messages that you can scroll and see by going to Options --> Sms text

    Change the 'Number Of Previous Items'
    11-14-08 11:22 PM
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    Welcome to CB!

    Take advantage of the very helpful BB 101. BlackBerry 101 How-To Lecture Series | CrackBerry.com . Also the powerfull search engine to dig through this bottomless pit of Crackberry knowledge for stuff already answered. Post on those existing threads or post a new one if need be. Many folks here happy to help. Some searching tips... Go To: Search Forums / Advanced Search / Key word search / search by title / "pick a key word" that comes to mind and you might stumble upon some answers and/or clues. Or search by Post content...

    No worries Intervention is not in our vocabulary here, enjoy your addiction to the fullest.
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