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    Hey guys, I'm a new BB user and I'm just wondering what i should start doing with it. I love to use Aim, Msn and play games, watch videos, youtube and all sorts of stuff on my normal computer. I was browsing crackberry website and stumbled across tons of programs id love to use on my blackberry 8130 (pearl).
    I tried to move programs on it, sent it to my phone using the desktop manager but it said this message:

    im just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks to help me with this. Im also aware that i may have no memory space to run such programs, maby i need to buy a seperate sd card? thats possible ill pick one up tomorrow afternoon.

    Thanks just post.
    11-27-07 03:40 AM
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    please no double posting ...
    11-27-07 07:38 AM