1. jerseyfresh2death's Avatar
    Hey guys my name is Mike and I am hoping to get a Blackberry in the future. i am on AT&T and I really want to get a Bold. But I have a few questions about it.

    First, I was wondering about all the games you can download for the phone. I know on the iPhone, you can use the tilt feature to play some of the games. My friend has an iPhone and I steal her phone all the time to play those games. They are so much fun! I really don't want an iPhone because of the virtual keyboard, so that's why I am wondering about games on the Bold, and if they are fun or not.

    Also, I was wondering about the Bold's text message alert sounds. Can you change the sound for incoming text messages?

    Thanks for the replies and I hope I learn alot on this site!
    05-21-09 12:36 PM
  2. Khalnath's Avatar
    There aren't a lot of games available for BBs other than the Storm. You can of course play any cellphone Java game a dumb phone can.

    The touch screen is the reason for the games... that's why the Storm has lots of games for it. You're pretty much faced with the choice of either having games to play, or a physical keyboard. Personally, I need a physical keyboard.

    Yes, you can change the sound for incoming text messages.
    05-21-09 12:44 PM