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    Hey everybody, I am new here, so be nice lol. I started out with an old BB back in 2004. I think it was a 7000/8000ish model? It was blue and had a color screen. Amazing for messaging. I then switched to regular cell phones with rogers. But last month I got sick of Rogers' crappy service and bought a BB Curve 8530 with telus. It has a less sleek design then the bold and tour, but it is great. I love the trackpad and the wi fi. Its a very good phone.
    04-22-10 04:52 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry forums.

    Welcome back to BB.

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    04-22-10 06:38 PM
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    04-22-10 08:47 PM
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    Welcome to CB!!... In my opinion i think the 8530 is a wonderful phone! you'll love it!!
    04-22-10 08:51 PM
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    welcome, you picked up a good entry phone.... maybe can get you sucked back in to the bb life!!!
    04-22-10 08:55 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.com!

    Check out the BlackBerry 101 How-To Lecture Series ! This will help you with the basics such as downloading apps, themes, wallpaper, ringtones. It's also a good idea to browse the forums and read as much as possible. Many questions you have are answered there already!

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    04-23-10 05:40 PM