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    I just wanted to introduce myself to the CB community. I just got my 8310 for $.01 this weekend and have had lots of fun figuring stuff out! I'm sure I'll be posting newbie questions soon as I try new apps or get myself into trouble...

    Thanks in advance!

    The Newbie Question:

    Is there any way to not go directly to the messenger app after unlocking with unread mail? To clarify: I receive an email, need to do something on the BB, unlock it, and am shown the messenger app first thing (resulting in me spending time to read the email instead of what i needed to do, or I mix up which emails have really been read). I have the AutoLock app installed, maybe this has something to do with it? Thanks for the help.
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    Welcome to the addiction. Nice job on the phone a whole penny!
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    hello, and welcome to the family...enjoy your new toy
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    Welcome to CB!
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    Welcome to CRACKberry!! Quite a bargian huh??
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    You cant go wrong with a price like tht...
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    Welcome to CB! If Im understanding your question right when you unlock your device it goes straight into the email that u havent read? If this is the case I have never heard of a way to fix, but the workaround would be when that email opens hit the menu button and mark as unread.
    06-21-08 09:43 AM
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