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    I have had a Blackberry 8830 for 2 years and just bought the Storm on release day, LOVE the phone, I know alot about blackberries and read this site daily, However I just bought a new laptop a few months ago and decided to finally sync the phone to my computer (never done that before). So i downloaded the Blackberry Desktop manager v4.7 and it wont acknowledge my BBerry Storm. The USB drive does and the drivers are all installed but the program itself will not acknoweledge the device, there for the backup buttons and such show up but are unclickable, any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
    12-01-08 12:18 AM
  2. trucky's Avatar
    Try using a different USB port on your laptop... if that doesn't work, try a different USB cable.
    12-01-08 08:43 AM
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    welcome to cb and i hope ya fix your problem quick ....
    having the cool *** storm and all
    12-01-08 09:32 AM
  4. tsvehla1220's Avatar
    I have tried doing different USB ports on my computer, i know thats not the issue because the device shows up as connected device in windows, it just doesnt show up in the program, any ideas?! ;(
    12-02-08 12:30 AM
  5. tsvehla1220's Avatar
    i actually just noticed the Desktop Manager icon next to my in my taskbar and it says "Disconnected - Desktop Manager" But my phone shows up in "Computer" under drives as blackberry 9950
    12-02-08 12:32 AM
  6. smerkle's Avatar
    I am also have the same issue. It's very frustrating to not be able to update your Blackberry. I was at one point able to sync the two, but now...nothing. I too am able to access the drives, and move files to and from. But, that simply has just made my blackberry into a very expensive USB thumb drive. If anyone has any ideas on this subject matter, please message me asap.

    FYI...I have pulled the battery, reinstalled software, uninstalled software, formatted my computer, changed USB cables, and still nothing. Is this just a flaw in the new Blackberry software?
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    12-10-08 03:49 PM
  7. Reed McLay's Avatar
    BlackBerry Desktop Manager contains the correct USB drivers, they were installed with the package.

    Try Windows Control Panel / Programs / Uninstall... Select the repair option to insure everything is correctly installed.

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    BlackBerry support has published this paper on dealing with USB connection issues. If this still does not help, try a different computer.
    12-10-08 04:57 PM