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    hey everyone... ive searched thru this site and a few others [including googling my problem] and have basically come up with no true solution...

    heres how it goes:
    i had bought a used 7290 off of ebay awhile back and everything was perfect! i had installed the Plazmic CDK 4.1 on my comp, and built a few themes... uploaded them via desktop manager.. and all was well. NO PROBLEMS.

    well, someone threw my bb to the ground as HARD as they could, and nuked it. the screen is busted and im not sure how bad is is internally.. and dont have the know-how to try and see if it can be fixed-

    SO i was forced to look around and buy another one. everything under the "default" theme is a-ok. BUT when i went to upload the Plazmic app and my 2 themes i built to my 7290 bb, i kept getting:
    "Uncaught exception: java.lang.Nullpointerexception"
    (i noticed this msg was popping up when the phone would want to go into standby mode/switch to screensaver)

    SO i did a handhelp wipe.. i cleared EVERYTHING a few times.. couple battery pulls, etc. and re-uploaded it. AND.. the error msg came back. SO as soon as i deleted my themes again, the problem vanished.

    Thats why Im wondering why i had NO problems before with my first bb (i cant look at all its version details because the thing is nuked). but i know i was using the Plazmic version (4.1) - and that was compatible with my bb.

    My "new" bb 7290 is v4.1.0.292 (Platform
    Cryptographic Kernel v3.8.3.7

    im not sure if they were any different though?

    do i need to dl a new version of Plazmic and erase every theme ive made that on my comp as an .alx? i dont want to lose those themes and never be able to se them again! they took a lot of time...

    can someone please help me, tell me what to do. im very new with this. any help would be MUCH appreciated.

    *i even followed instructions via the bb website.. but to no real avail*

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    ive now figured out i can use the theme i made BUT i have to DISABLE the standby screen/screensaver. wtf? anyone have *any* clue as to why? or what i can do in order to get MY screensaver to work without getting this error msg?

    any help???
    09-24-08 12:13 PM