1. AriJayComet's Avatar
    Okay so I'm new to the world of BlackBerry (last two years I've spent in the shadows of the WM5 world, sorry!). Just picked up a BBpearl 8130 tonight and I've got some sync related questions.

    Software setup here is MS Outlook 2003, and in the past I used ActiveSync obviously. Now instead I've got the Blackberry Device & Desktop Manager taking care of things.

    With that background out of the way, here goes my questions...

    Sync "works" right now .. and my data is transfering to my BB just fine. However, the ONLY way that sync works is if Desktop Manager is running. And since it can't really be put into the system tray to hide that I can see, I don't want to leave it running 24/7/365. What gives?

    I'm used to the WM5/Outlook/Activesync combo so that I could charge my SmartPhone and while it was plugged in, ActiveSync would re-sync any time data was changed, be it on the phone or on the PC in Outlook. This seamlessness was nice because I didn't have to force a sync, ever. But with the BB, it seems that if I change data on my PC, I'm forced to open up Desktop Manager, and re-sync, even if the phone is already plugged in. Am I correct?

    My goal here is to make it so that I can plug my phone in during the evening .. and it will sync so long as it is plugged in (even if I have to setup time intervals or something). Any feedback or input as to what I may be doing wrong here is appreciated... cheers!!
    10-23-08 10:13 PM
  2. el_novato's Avatar
    welcome to crackberry

    I believe that in DTM 4.5 they brought back the feature of hiding Desktop Manager when minimized, should be under options. (slight possibility that it was 4.3)

    As for an auto sync, I think it can only be set to automatically sync when you connect the Berry and open DTM. Don't think it's much more configurable than that...someone else may have some ideas.


    10-23-08 11:24 PM
  3. AriJayComet's Avatar
    Yeah I did a quick download of DTM v4.6 and it has the "hide when minimized" option -- so that fixes that issue. But it still requires me to unplug/replug the BB to get it to resync.

    Since it only does one sync when plugged in, then if I change stuff in Outlook and forget to resync before I leave the house later, I'm screwed. There HAS to be a resolution to this...?!?!
    10-23-08 11:57 PM