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    I'm so sorry to ask this you've probably read this a hundred times before but I'm just on my way out the door and this has been doing my head in all morning...

    I've just recently gotten a blackberry curve (8320) and this morning thought I'd treat myself to some themes and ringtones and such but after purchasing was told I had to have the Blackberry Desktop Manager. That's cool I think so off I spend 3 hours searching and downloading versions and things connected to BDM and Mac but nothing and I mean nothing is working. I've connected my BB to my Mac and it won't sync, I've downloaded things that apparently open the files and zips I've downloaded and nothing, I have the PocketMac which does pretty much nothing and I'm close to screaming.
    Please can someone help this here f-**** and explain in blonde terms (though blonde I am not) as so what to do or I'm seriously gonna cry and that honestly doesn't happen often or easily but this whole morning has just been incredibly frustrating. I've downloaded from the blackberry site as well as other locations and my mac just keeps telling me all the files are unreadable. (these files are cod and alx which I havent a clue where to start tbh)

    Thank you so much advance for your help and again I'm sorry if this has been covered before I did do a search of the forums but in my frustrations I may have missed them.
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    11-07-08 08:52 AM
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    Hi Pillsbury187
    I have this already as I mentioned in my post but it doesn't do anything to open or transfer the alx and cod files I've gotten from buying themes and ringtones.
    11-07-08 08:55 AM
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    hmmm i guess since you have them unzipped you could try and send them to the bkb via email to see if you cant install them that way...but idk that prob wont work lol im not sure how over the air downloads work might worth a try though im not too sure why its not allowing you to get that sync'd up

    if worst comes to worse you must find a PC! plug that sukka in and you shouldnt have a problem.

    otherwise i really dont know why that wouldnt work, try checking the mac forums here they may have more answers!

    11-07-08 09:01 AM
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    You know what I figured it out I got a bit angry (ha!) and crashed the mac and then came back to it after walking away for a minute and did some mucking about and figured it out but thank you for talking to me it helped to have someone try rather then me on my own lol. (I'm mouy late for work now but I'm much happier for it lol)
    Cheers Pillsbury
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