1. craig_mcd's Avatar
    if i use bb instant messenger should i see the messages in my message inbox? or does this mean my messages are being sent by text? if they are how do i stop this and ise the internet to send them?
    03-22-08 08:04 PM
  2. chaz_cb's Avatar
    are you saying your BB messages are being stored in the message folder? it's just a setting you can change - from in your BB messenger, hit menu>> options>> Show Conversations in Message List>> No
    03-22-08 08:06 PM
  3. craig_mcd's Avatar
    not stored no, just that when in a conversation i can see the conversation in my message inbox folder, if i end the conversation it disappears
    03-22-08 08:07 PM
  4. craig_mcd's Avatar
    anyone help?
    03-22-08 08:12 PM
  5. Solachica's Avatar
    You can change the setting as shown in above post to not have conversations show up in messages.

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    03-22-08 08:12 PM
  6. craig_mcd's Avatar
    what im asking tho is how do u knowif ur instant messages are sent as texts?
    03-22-08 08:15 PM
  7. chaz_cb's Avatar
    No, BB messenger is all data - should never be an additional charge, if you have unlimited plan.
    03-22-08 08:22 PM