1. mlf80's Avatar
    Ok I just got my blackberry on Friday. I learned about PIN messages pretty quickly, but my question is, are sent pin messages saved anywhere??? I can't seem to find them anywhere. When someone responds, my previous message shows up, but otherwise I can't find my sent messages?

    Ccan anyone help?
    07-22-07 06:05 PM
  2. Trevor's Avatar
    PIN messages should be stored just like sent email messages on the device. You may have the option turned on to hide sent messages. Uncheck that box in the menu and then see if they are stored. Also, you can save chat history if you are using BB messenger, so that might be an idea.
    07-22-07 06:26 PM
  3. mlf80's Avatar
    Ok Thanks Trevor! Here's my next question, is there generally a delay in delivery of PIN messages? I sent one tonight at 9pm and it did not show as being delivered until 925. It is between different networks...or does it just cocnsider it delivered when the other person reads it ?
    07-23-07 08:15 PM
  4. Trevor's Avatar
    No, the D means it was delivered and doesn't indicate read status. It could be that the sender/recipient didn't have service at the time it was sent. PIN messages are instant. It shouldn't matter about the networks, because PIN messages go through the RIM servers which are common to all BBs.
    07-23-07 08:47 PM
  5. mlf80's Avatar
    Thanks Trevor!
    07-24-07 01:03 PM
  6. Trevor's Avatar
    No problem. Feel free to post here if you have anymore questions.
    07-24-07 01:15 PM
  7. mgsm666's Avatar
    What about the "A" that sometimes appears in place of the "D" (delivered). Does that mean "answered"???

    07-24-07 02:17 PM
  8. Trevor's Avatar
    Hmm, that is one thing I am not sure about. But that seems like a reasonable guess.
    07-24-07 02:18 PM