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    Hi, Been here a day and already I love it. I just purchased a curve 8330 and I have used a palm for years. I don't sync with outlook because I work at a police dept. and they are real funny bout allowing access to install software. i need a datebook app to sync with. Does blackberry not have a seperate datebook function for the computer desktop for those of us less fortunate to not be able to sync with our office outlook. We use outlook for email at the office and I get my email forwared to my BB, however as stated above, no datebook sync, unless it is a meeting invite through outlook email. At that point it automatically saves the date in my datebook. Phew, that was a lot I know. Any third party apps?


    Rob Havens
    06-14-08 03:14 PM
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    I am not sure about that I sync through ouotlook but I am sure that someone will be able to help, Welcome to the family.
    06-14-08 03:18 PM
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    Give Google Calendar a look at.

    Welcome to CB
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    06-14-08 03:25 PM
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    You can also sync with Gcalsync that sincs your gmail calander to your phone, but you have to have a gmail account!!! Anyway Welcome to CRACKberry and Back the Blue Baby!!
    06-14-08 07:59 PM
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    Welcome to CB!
    06-14-08 08:21 PM
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    if you are on an exchange server at work, you can try to get your IS department to install the blackberry enterprise server and you can sync with your calendar wirelessly....
    be careful though it also syncs your address book and all your phone contacts will show up in your work addres book as well as the other way around.
    06-14-08 09:22 PM
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    I also work for a PD so I know what you mean. I won't even ask! Only the chief can do that!!

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    06-14-08 09:30 PM
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    Hi and welcome.
    06-14-08 11:08 PM