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    I have just got a second hand 8700g - using it as phone and PDA so don't have a contract for mail.
    1) Can't sync with Notes calendar (6.5) error message "Database specified does not exist or cannot be accessed". I have verified that the BB Desktop configuration is correct and also set the Notes location to "Island"
    2) Can any one give me a link to the latest BB O/S upgrade as I can't download from my Phone company as I do not have a BB contract. I am on - Platform
    Any help would be appreciated as I am moving off my Windows Mobile device
    02-07-08 09:40 AM
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    This appeared to be too difficult for anyone to offer help to a newbie so I had to sort it out myself.

    If you want to Sync without mail, you need Desktop Manager 4.2 Sp2 (NOT 4.3) and when it says it can't find the server, do you you wish to continue, select 'No'
    I managed to find a copy of the lates O/S for the 87xx, so if anyone wants a copy just post a request this thread. All the links that I found in this site don't have the software, just point to the RIM site.
    02-19-08 07:45 AM