1. tparrett's Avatar
    I'm new to a blackberry and I'm syncing my outlook to the device. I love getting the reminders of appointments, but sometimes during the day I need to jot a quick note about something I need to do in the evening (or vice versa) and have a reminder alarm at a time for that reminder without putting it in outlook and syncing. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any good software?

    11-11-08 08:23 AM
  2. medimaging's Avatar
    Not sure if I understand the question.

    I use my BB for reminders all the time even if I never even sync it to my outlook. For example, i will set an "appointment" for 7:00 p m with a 1 hour reminder (or whatever you choose) type in the details and notes if any. When the reminder alarm goes off, I may even go in and reset the reminder time for 30 minutes; just to re-remind myself. At that time, I may go in an completely delete the "appointment" just because it is not something I care to even have sync with my outlook. You can use your task function to set a "deadline" but I find that using the calendar is just easier.

    Hope this helps!
    11-11-08 08:34 AM