1. Wenbibb's Avatar
    Can anyone explain URL to me? When I try to view videos on line, I get a change URL message. Also, how do you download flash player? Sorry, I'm not computer savvy. Just an ***** with a complicated new phone!
    10-21-08 09:31 PM
  2. jenaywins's Avatar
    You cannot view any flash documents.

    And I don't quite understand your first question. Are you trying to view a youtube video?

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    10-21-08 09:33 PM
  3. Wenbibb's Avatar
    Yes youtube videos. The other videos I've tried to view require flash so you answered that for me. Thanks
    10-21-08 10:06 PM
  4. jenaywins's Avatar
    You'll need to upgrade to the 4.5 OS, which honestly I don't recommend until you are very familiar with your device.

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    10-21-08 10:08 PM
  5. pltaylor's Avatar
    Wenbib, Welcome to CB! Youtube is one of the most common questions here. Some people can view with 4.3 operating system, but like Jenay said for the most part you need 4.5. Try searching first and you'll find all the settings and info you need. How to watch youtube
    10-21-08 10:15 PM