1. Thistle3841's Avatar
    I hope this is in the right section...I certainly am new to BBs. I would like to describe what I'm trying to accomplish and how I *think* I should do it. I would like feedback from those the all-knowing population here.

    I just started a business. I do not currently have a BB. I want to have:
    1. Company Website (doesn't matter here, just part of the equation)
    2. Exchange Server email
    3. BB w/ voice, messaging, and wireless email, calendar, etc.

    So this is what I think I need (or the options where I'm not sure):

    1. BB Storm on Verizon w/ voice and messaging plan $99/mo
    2. $30 or $45 BB data plan from Verizon (I need to know which I need)
    3. Hosted and Shared Exchange server (like mailstreet.com) $10/mo
    4. Hosted BES plan (like mailstreet.com) $10/mo - Do I need this?
    5. Hosted website (irrelevant here, but part of it)

    So do I really need all that to accomplish what I want? Seems a bit steep, but it may just be the cost of doing business. Also, which BB data plan do I need on Verizon?
    11-11-08 08:14 PM
  2. trucky's Avatar
    Sounds like you're trying to bite off an awful lot in a short time period but I'm sure it's "doable".

    With the right hosted website you could probably do without the hosted BES and the hosted Exchange. I do web hosting and all my plans have web email as part of the plan. With that you can use the basic BIS service to POP3 your emails to your blackberry or use any PC to get to your emails as well. You can find tons of decent web hosting plans starting in the <$10 per month range. As far as the differences between the Verizon data plans you may have just saved $20 per month so go for the bigger plan and then you shouldn't have to worry about going over on your data usage.

    Good Luck!
    11-12-08 07:00 AM