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    I can customize the personal calls, but I am not able to customize the text messages. I have read through 3 threads about how to do this and looked it up on another site and none of them work. I adjust them how they say, to add a new profile and list a new exception, but it still won't work. (are there anyother ways around it, or something show you guys/gals?)

    I have a new 8330 Curve I got 3 days ago, I assume the most updated version according to the other threads. I use Alltel. Help someone please. This will be a major disapointment if I can't customize the text mssgs.

    11-07-08 02:19 PM
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    11-07-08 02:26 PM
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    Hey UNKLoper - welcome to CB! You came to the right place for your questions!
    11-07-08 03:18 PM
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    Ok, call me stupid but I think I am having the exact same problem as everyone else. I see absolutely no point in having the same ringtone for ALL text messages(or a max of 2 if you make a different profile/exception)... On the last 4 phones I have had I was able to use this function. Now days alot of the consumers text more than they call other people (especially if they work alot). I can customize the ringtone by changing the profile(ex. Custom Tones) and making an exception(Custom Tones), but I can only do this for one person(Trevor). Yes, I realize I can add more than one person to that exception(Trevor, Mike, etc.) and still have the same ringtone(on that Custom Tones exception), but that does me no good. I don't want to have to group my friends together to the same ringtones. That makes NO Sense in the updated cellular world!

    There is no way to make 20 different profiles and 20 different exceptions so that you can get 20 different ringtones for 20 people (yes all different TEXT Messages, I have all of the regular Calls customized). This is the question I would like answered by a Moderator if possible. You can do this on almost every other phone in the last couple years.

    I have found out that I can make a separate EXCEPTION, and use the ACTIVE PROFILE (so it gets me the different ringtone as before, Custom Tones, but there is no way to adjust that specific person's ringtone, ***meaning other than the Custom Tones Profile***, since the Custom Phone Tune is the only thing you can change on that menu and it's phone calls only). If the phone had a Custom Text Message option under this it would work great, but it doesn't!

    The only way I can see making a different text message ringtone is by setting one as MMS ringtone, one as SMS ringtone, etc. I want these all combined for EACH PERSON, like EVERY OTHER PHONE out there!

    I am not dumb when it comes to technology, but this is really bugging me.
    11-07-08 09:23 PM
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    Go into and edit the profile and you can set ringtones for emails, mms, sms, etc.

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    11-07-08 09:30 PM