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    hi, i live in waterloo, the hometown of rim and i've got a question i need answered, because i'm so confused

    alright let's start off with this, i was at this party, on a friday after i just got paid, and this guy was selling komets.....saying they were unreleased, so i was like "meh sure i've spent my money on worst things" so i bought this phone for 300 dollars (since i really disliked my SLVR)

    so now i have this phone, i tell people it's a komet but i don't know the full details of it..

    (i tried to pit up a link here, but it didn't work, but just type blackberry komet in google and it's the first link)

    this site up there suggest by the strike outs that the komet is the pearl 8130, and has a 3.2 mega pixel camera, however wikipedia says that the pearl 8130 only has a 2 mega pixel camera

    (also tried to link wikipedia, for list of blackberry models)

    so is the komet the pearl 8130? and if so is the camera a 2 mega pixel or a 3.2 mega pixel:S

    thanks, i look forward to being an active member on this forum and learning more about blackberries

    edit-oh and another question, i know a lot of people who have parents working for rim, and they're all talking about how there's a blackberry flip phone underway(i've heard this from different/random people(friends, co-workers)), is there any information on this?
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    Go to:
    Option > About


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    I believe Komet was the internal project name for the pearl 2.
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    You probably have an 8100. The 8130 is the CDMA version with only a 2mp camera.

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