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    Just thought I'd pop in and say hello. My wife works for Vodafone, and as part of her being on the staff she can get phones for close family members. While she got her rather boring Nokia N95 today (I don't like it), I have chosen the Blackberry Bold 9000.

    I dunno when it comes out in the UK, but I get mine next Monday, and I'm looking forward to using and possibly even abusing my new Blackberry phone.

    While getting rather excited about my pre-order, I stumbled across CrackBerry.com's Blackberry Bold review on youtube, and naturally I've come to this site as a result.

    I've been a Sony Ericsson user up to now, so the Bold will be my 1st ever BlackBerry. And like most virgins on this earth, I'm looking forward to popping my Berry

    So I'll probably be here for the long haul, and judging by many of you guys on here, I'm looking forward to getting addicted!!!
    09-01-08 02:15 PM
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    welcome to cb ! enjoy your bold !!!!
    09-01-08 02:16 PM
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    Sweet hook-up! Welcome to CB.
    09-01-08 02:19 PM
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    Welcome to the Family. Once you get the Bold you'll see why we all end up stickin' around. Nice bonus being married to a phone rep!!!

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    09-01-08 02:19 PM
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    Pretty sweet hook-up, lucky you! I too abandoned Sony Ericsson for Blackberry, never looked back!
    09-01-08 02:25 PM
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    The wife is a lucky lady.. Tomorrow the Product Wizards @ Vodafone get their hands on the Bold... Every employee at Vodaphone is going to get 60 minutes "play time" with these gorgeous looking devices, and that includes my wife.

    I'm gonna be teased by her for the next 6 days about how great it is until I have the phone in my hand... She's already gone nuts about how great the Curve is... So it's gonna be a long week!! :P
    09-01-08 02:30 PM
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    Lol a small price to pay me thinks!
    But am wondering...if your wife thinks the curve is so great, why did she go with a nokia???
    09-01-08 02:34 PM
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    Welcome to Crackberry!!
    09-01-08 07:39 PM
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    Hello and welcome!
    09-01-08 08:01 PM
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    Welcome to CB
    09-01-08 09:59 PM
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    if your wife thinks the curve is so great, why did she go with a nokia???
    As much as she likes stuff on other phones and such, she's always been a Nokia fan. Back when she was in the Retail phone sector selling the old Nokia 32 & 3310's for a living, she got passionate about them, and since then has never looked back (probably cos she got the most commission for Nokia Sales).

    Even though she now works at a Vodafone HQ dealing with the UK Business and Corporate sectors (their main focus is on the BlackBerry Customer Technical support and sales with Tariffs to match), she's still insistent on a Nokia.

    I hate the N95, it's supposed to be a Smart phone, but it still feels, operates and works like a Nokia. There's nothing special about it, the interface is very consumer unfriendly, and you'd need a Library index to just find the wi-fi and the majority of 3G features. But I suppose it's been like me up to now with Sony Ericssons. My first Sony was a J5, and I've stuck with them all the way upto the w810i.

    But now I've seen what BlackBerry's can do, along with the positive reviews, fanbase, and the phenomenon of the CrackBerry addict. I've had no hesitation in ignoring the latest Sony Ericsson w980, and going with the BlackBerry Bold.
    09-02-08 04:35 AM
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    Hi and welcome

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    09-02-08 05:51 AM
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    Welcome to CB Saracen... it looks as if your wife is in the right place to sort out any problems you might have with your new Bold... which you won't of course!

    I was under the impression though that the Bold was 'released' by Vodafone yesterday (1st September) so I am a bit surprised that you haven't got yours by now!

    On reading your earlier posts though, it doesn't look as if there are many around yet... do you think there is going to be an initial shortage of them in the UK?
    09-02-08 04:23 PM
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    Welcome from across the pond my niece has duel citizenship her dad was stationed in england when she was born sorry for the tangent enjoy the addiction and let it consume you

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    09-02-08 05:14 PM
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    welcome to cb!!! enjoy
    09-02-08 08:22 PM
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    UKKKKKK! The land of comedic geniuses like Eddie! "Cake or death?"
    09-02-08 08:48 PM
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    I was under the impression though that the Bold was 'released' by Vodafone yesterday (1st September) so I am a bit surprised that you haven't got yours by now!
    For some strange reason the staff couldn't actually order the phone until the release date on 2nd Sept. The phone then takes 4-5 days to be shipped from Vodafone's Wholesalers to the Headquarters... So in theory I may even get it Friday, which gives me the whole weekend to play with it.

    Although I am going to a friend's wedding on Saturday, the chances are I'll probably be playing with my Blackberry, rather than listening to them exchange their vows. My excuse? I was looking for the camera, and I still don't know the phone well enough yet!

    N.B. - I will contribute more elsewhere, it's just hard to get involved in these forums when I don't have the phone yet.
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    09-03-08 04:35 AM
  18. Montala's Avatar
    It would appear that 'release' and 'availability' don't mean quite the same thing then!

    Hope you get it soon anyway!
    09-03-08 05:33 AM
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    Good to hear from a fellow Britt! Welcome aboard ole M8!
    09-03-08 07:40 AM
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    welcome to the CB
    09-03-08 07:47 AM
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    Hello and welcome 2 CB
    09-04-08 02:09 AM
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    Welcome to CB

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    09-04-08 02:29 AM
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    Welcome to CB!!!!

    09-05-08 08:59 AM
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    Welcome to CB from another Brit!
    09-21-08 05:14 PM
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    Despite all the warm welcomes, it doesn't look as if we have heard any more from Saracen for nearly three weeks now!

    I wonder if he actually got his Bold after all?
    09-21-08 05:22 PM