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    I got my first bberry (8100 Pearly) in July of last year. I love it but wasn't crazy about the quicktype-style keypad (wanted full qwerty, Pearl could never figure out whether I meant to type "is" or "us", and if I abbreviated "you" as "u" pearl assumed I meant "I". Reasonable but annoying)
    I didn't dig my carrier, either. T-Mobile has very polite people who really try to help, but they couldn't do anything about no signal at my office (where I spend most of my time) so I went to AT&T, and our 8100s were replaced with 8310s. Love 'em!

    So I went about using these things from day to day. Synching, loading the occassional piece of software, and a bberry junkie coworker asked me questions about it. What OS version? still locked? I felt like my weewee was shrinking when I didn't know my OS version, it was terrible. I knew the pearls were still locked, and would have liked to have them as fallbacks (or heck, even just to accessorize. It's the 21st century, men can use that word now)

    So I came here, did some reading, whined about the broken USB port on my 8100, gave up and decided to live without it, found out how to use Bluetooth with WinXP/Desktop Manager, unlocked both pearls, installed AT&T's and caught a nasty habit. As a community, you know a whole lot and I look forward to your help in introducing an entirely new and unhealthy influence in my life. I plan on doing every terrible thing to this pearl short of bricking it, all in the name of "well, I guess I learned something today."
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    LOL! Well atleast you don't have to worry about your wee wee shrinking now! You show that Pearl who the boss is, and smack it around a little bit.

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