1. DaLR's Avatar

    Just wanted to drop a few introductory words about myself from my new BlackBerry Classic.

    I used to own BlackBerry smartphones up until 2012 when I couldn't bear with it anymore. I tried myself with Apple and utterly disliked it. Up until a few days ago and for about 3 years, "stock" Android ruled my digital life to my satisfaction.

    But I always longed for the glory days of BlackBerry and secretly wished for a new Bold with all the "bells and whistles" of modern smartphones. Seems like my silent prayer was heard in Waterloo . Where Android surpassed BlackBerry on the software front, BlackBerry 's hardware and physical keyboard always remained unsurpassed.

    Wheb I read that I could install Android's Spotify on BB OS 10 and actually use it and control it over Bluetooth in my car, I knew it was time to give BlackBerry another chance.

    And I was not disappointed. The Classic is all I wished for and more.

    I would like to end this "hello world" message by saying thank you to you all. If it wasn't for this forum, I wouldn't have come back to BlackBerry. So, thank you for all your posts and insights, it really helped.

    L. R.
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    02-24-15 01:38 AM
  2. menshawy's Avatar
    Welcome back! CB is a great community full of people willing to help whenever help is needed
    02-24-15 02:37 AM
  3. DaLR's Avatar
    Exactly. I can't recall finding so much help on any other platform. Not to bash, but Apple's forums are nothing but a joke when you encounter a real technical difficulty. Here, people are knowledgeable and that's what sets CrackBerry apart I think.
    02-24-15 05:50 AM
  4. nhanken's Avatar
    Welcome back home

    The Classic is going to bring back a lot of keyboard lovers, especially those who used to love or still love their Bold 9900. A familiar keyboard design with a totally new twist on the OS. If they're going to make a future Classic with at least 4 to 4.2 inches, I would consider it but anything less than 4 is too small for me. It's fantastic that you're enjoying your Classic!

    Posted via CB10
    02-24-15 06:02 AM
  5. DaLR's Avatar
    My last BlackBerry was a 9780. I especially loved it's small form-factor, even though I had a tendency to type one too many keys at a time from time to time.

    I was actually somewhat worried that the Classic would be too big for me! But the screen is just the right size for my needs. And this new keyboard is just fantastic, I can't praise it enough.
    02-24-15 07:42 AM
  6. sedalia066's Avatar
    Welcome back, DaLR. Nice to see a returning veteran of the phone wars. BB is now and has been my platform of choice for several years. Still prefer the Z30 to the Classic today, but choice makes the world go round. Enjoy that fine phone.
    02-24-15 08:07 AM
  7. Goldboot02's Avatar
    Welcome back and enjoy your Classic
    02-25-15 12:28 AM
  8. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Welcome back and enjoy!
    03-04-15 03:30 PM
  9. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Enjoy the Classic!
    03-06-15 10:36 AM

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