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    Good Evening Everyone,

    I just received my BB 8310 today and I was rather excited. Unfortunately, a few things are annoying me to death:

    1) How can I seperate text SMS/MMS from my Gmail account?

    2) How can I get my pictures to cover the "entire" screen instead of a portion?

    3) Why can't I download BB facebook application for my BB?

    4) Is AOL IM/Yahoo IM on the 8310?

    5) I need an address book application because my SIM card only transferred ONE contact.

    Okay, that's all I can think of for now.
    03-12-08 08:53 PM
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    I can't help with all but I'll try with some.

    1) Not sure if this is possible...but don't take my word for it! At least the icons look different from texts and emails...

    2) Make sure the photo resolution is 320 x 240 pixels. That'll fit the screen perfectly.

    3) Not sure, but it should work, I think? Sorry!

    4) I believe so, yes.

    5) I have no clue. Sorry again!

    Good luck!
    03-12-08 08:55 PM
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    Hello and welcome!!!!!

    1: open your messages folder, press the menu key, general settings, scroll to the bottom, and select separate

    2: You cant use the stock ATT theme, you need to use one of the other BB Dimension themes

    3: No idea, gonna need the error or some more info. To download it, open the Browser(not the medianet) and go to http://mobile.blackberry.com it should be there

    4: yes, but the one that you can download uses SMS messages, to get it, open the medianet browser, tones,games,apps then cool tools/apps, community&photos, mobile IM, then download it from there.

    5: you can use your gmail contacts list, but you are gonna have to import them into there by hand, most likely.
    Or, you can use Outlook.
    03-12-08 09:00 PM
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