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    Hello everyone. I got my Pearl about 2 months ago and LOVE it. I've been able to solve most problems by looking on the web or asking my boss who also has one. I am having a problem that I have not found an answer to. I've been using my Tasks, but starting yesterday I get an error "Uncaught exception: 29 >= 29" when I click on the tasks icon. Anybody have any clue?
    09-02-08 03:02 PM
  2. inkwell's Avatar
    I'm not exactly sure why you are getting this error code. Are you having any other problems?

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    09-02-08 07:30 PM
  3. nemanomine's Avatar
    I haven't noticed any other problems. I should check to see if I have the newest version of the OS.
    09-02-08 07:58 PM
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    09-02-08 08:01 PM
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    welcome to cb and the bb family!!! enjoy
    09-02-08 08:04 PM
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    09-02-08 08:16 PM
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