1. orangepink's Avatar
    hi! i just got my 1st bb (8900 curve) last saturday. I've always been a nokia user since cellphones were invented but i must say, i'm very much satisfied with bb's functionality. having said that...i hope people can help me with a few questions of my mine:

    1.) I wanna customize my ringing tone. Wait! Let me tell you more about it before you just redirect me to another forum link. I want my ringing tone set to this accapella version of Breakfast at Tiffany's, which I found in youtube.com, so I tried recording it using the voice recorder app but when I set it to set as ringing tone, a warning message appears (the one with the exclamation point). What do I do?

    2.) I'm loving the calendar features of my 8900 but how do I categorize my appointments like what if I want to put in my calendar a friend's birthday? How do I specify that it's a birthday and not an appointment?

    those are my questions...for now.
    06-29-09 06:24 PM