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    Hi my name is Louie Bee, I am a huggable 26-year-old Puerto Rican teddy bear from Williamsburg Brooklyn. I am single, have a job, and have an associates. I am an aspiring comedian. I love to tell jokes. It is my dream to stand up in front of people and make them laugh. I have my own radio show on the internet called the crotch shot radio show I am also into politics I am im a libertarian by philosophy.

    Add me you can see my pin on top. Also straight single and looking lol
    04-22-10 05:22 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry forums. Enjoy.

    Good luck with the comedy stuff. Never too much levity these days.

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    04-22-10 06:33 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.com!

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    i LOVE stand up comedy!!

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    04-23-10 05:41 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry!!
    04-23-10 06:34 PM