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    I have finally wandered over to this thread to introduce myself. I'm Missa and a proud BB Storm owner.

    I absolutely love crackberry and I love my storm. It's the first blackberry I've ever owned.

    When the IPhone first came out, I wanted one with a passion. Then when it was time for my every 2, with Verizon, I thought about getting a BB but changed my mind and got the Venus. (big mistake, seemed cool at first but got old pretty quick and the paint on the buttons chipped off)

    Sooooo the Storm came out and my bf, being the wonderful bf he is, bought me a BB Storm.

    I must say it was love at first sight, BUT....it was a huge change. Everything just seemed so complicated. Things that were so simple with a regular cell phone seemed like a huge hassle: making a call, texting...everything just made me think I made the wrong choice.

    THEN!--I discovered crackberry, about a week into owning my storm. OMG, and from that point on the storm and I have been in LOVE and I'm completely addicted to it. I can't stop playing with it and sometimes I think my bf may secretly regret that he got it for me, LOL.

    I will never own anything other than a blackberry again
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    Welcome to CB and our addiction!! Yea my Curve was my first BB i ever owned and because im so addicted i went out and purchased another BB(8830WE). I am on CB like 50 times a day lol. I literally check the forums all day long. If you ever have any questions feel free to PM or PIN me anytime.
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