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    I've had my BB for almost a year now, so I'm not totally new, but there are lots of things I need to learn still.
    I've just recently started asking myself why I have a BB, because the only thing I do on it different than a regular phone, is surf the web. I don't have many friends with a BBM (3 to be exact), so I don't utilize it like I should. I don't do much besides facebook, and text other than that.
    SO, fellow BB users, help a girl out! Show me what I'm missing in the world of BB!!!

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    01-29-11 08:50 PM
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    First off WELCOME!!!!!! For me, it's the keyboard that makes the BB experience what it is. The ease of use, the ability to type out an email, or SMS, or IM, besides BBM, you can also use AIM, Yahoo, Google, MSN, pretty much any IM client, and the BB keyboard makes it SO easy to bang out a quick message.

    If you are looking to make more BBM friend you can check out the PIN Sharing Forum here for people to change PIN with that have similiar interests. There are also BBM groups you can join based on those interests.
    01-31-11 09:20 AM
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    Customize that BB! I use the whoisit? Custom flashing LED, themes are a fun and useful way to change it up, google maps and the free app Poynt are hyper-helpful. The North Face Snow Report app keeps me hitting the best slopes. The native calendar is an everyday life saver(take some time and really learn how to utilize it). BerryWeather keeps me informed in detail about ten different locations. Use it as a flashlight. Upgrade to a higher G micro sd card and store a large amount of media files. These are a few of my favorite thingsenjoy!

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    01-31-11 10:52 AM