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    Ok, a very newbie here. But I have a config problem. Here is the situation:

    I am doing a trial with a TMo 8320 Curve to see if it can be used by about 50 users on our WiFi network using UMA to make voice calls within buildings.
    I have successfully attached to our secure network, but do not see the UMA logo at all (UC or LC). We must log into our network to gain access through our firewalls via Active Directory.

    I have tested the BB at home with a secure network on FIOS with no problem. UMA works great! FIOS uses an ActionTec router. However, at work we use a pure Cisco infrastructure.

    I cannot find anywhere to insert a logon and password to attach to our Active Directory network as a default. Is there such a thing and can this even be done? I am flying blind here so any answers would be helpful just short of giving it back!

    Thanks in advance!
    12-03-08 09:53 AM