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    Hi everyone!

    I just thought I'd introduce myself. I've done a couple posts on here already, and I'm sure I'll be doing a lot more. :-)

    How I came about buying a BlackBerry is needing a new phone that had PIM (personal information management) software, Wi-Fi or always connected(preferred), can play games and do other things. I needed it to be reasonably affordable, stylish, and relatively easy to navigate.
    I knew the BlackBerry would give me all of these things, and more, so I bought a brand new 7130e off eBay for only $125.00us! I'ved loved it ever since, but imm hoping to get the 8830 from TELUS soon.

    Thanks for listening to me, and if you want to know more about me at all, just Google "javatyger" and you'll find a lot about me. Hope to talk to you all later!


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    Welcome to the forums Lonnie! I hope you become a regular visitor on the forums! Congrats on the new addiction.
    09-08-07 07:38 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.com!
    09-08-07 07:40 PM
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    Welcome to CB.

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    Welcome to the forums Lonnie! I hope you become a regular visitor on the forums! Congrats on the new addiction.
    Yeah, it's definitely been an addiction! I just hope TELUS gives me a good rate plan for data because yeeshhh...I do a lot of surfing, emailing and downloading!! I'm just happy that the 3 mths are data unlimited!

    A quick question...What is the PIN mean for my phone? I kinda get the idea it's a personal identification number(PIN), but why does CB and others ask for it??? What's the purpose of it???
    09-08-07 08:30 PM
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    PIN is unique to each BB.

    If you go to Option - Status = You will find it here....

    Its used mainly for Pin Messaging (Peer to Peer) or BB Messenger.

    Check out the various thread on this...
    09-09-07 04:49 AM
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    Welcome Lonnie! We joined the best forum for blackberrys on the internet.

    Lots of info to learn and you can always stop by the off topic threads like the crackberry players club thread and talk about whatever. We hope you enjoy the forum as much as we do.

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    Welcome to CB!
    09-09-07 11:47 PM
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    Are there any other uses for the PIN? Should I protect this number?
    11-03-07 03:32 PM
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    The pin is used to instant message with other BB users if you display your pin on your profile anyone can start sending you instant messages one good thing it is a free service to use
    11-03-07 03:38 PM
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    Welcome to our world here at CB...
    11-05-07 01:51 PM
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    Welcome to Crackberry ! It's a great site
    11-05-07 02:00 PM