1. Mista Stringfellow's Avatar
    Hello everyone im still learning how to use my Curve but im also looking for some BB Messenger friend i can talk to....no relationship or anything just talk about anything hit me up.
    09-14-08 12:10 AM
  2. uncheels23's Avatar
    Welcome to CB !

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    09-14-08 12:11 AM
  3. ADberry's Avatar
    Welcome to the crack!
    09-14-08 12:17 AM
  4. bx2md's Avatar
    welcome to cb and enjoy the addiction
    09-14-08 12:23 AM
  5. greg24's Avatar
    Welcome to CB. You should check out the Pin Sharing section

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    09-14-08 03:42 AM
  6. mding4gold's Avatar
    Hello & welcome to the addiction!!!!
    09-14-08 05:50 AM
  7. Duvi's Avatar
    Hello and welcome.
    09-14-08 07:32 AM
  8. JStiner's Avatar
    What part of illinois are you from?

    Welcome to CB

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    09-14-08 08:01 AM
  9. saechavarry's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry!!
    09-14-08 08:29 AM
  10. kingrx's Avatar
    Welcome to cb!
    09-14-08 10:32 AM
  11. Mista Stringfellow's Avatar
    Im From Centreville Illinois
    09-14-08 03:54 PM
  12. smaug's Avatar
    Hey hey. I'm not a native of the state but I live here now. Welcome to CB
    09-14-08 04:44 PM
  13. bmcclure937's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry! you will learn a ton here...
    09-14-08 05:19 PM
  14. jm2hill's Avatar
    welcome to cb!!
    09-14-08 05:21 PM
  15. Javaddict's Avatar
    *waves* Greetings from Santa Fe New Mexico. Warmest Welcomes
    09-14-08 05:27 PM
  16. Mista Stringfellow's Avatar
    thanx for all the welcomes i love this site..
    09-15-08 01:56 AM
  17. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry!!!

    09-19-08 10:04 AM
  18. GregMargie's Avatar
    Ah.....your from Illinois. Welcome!

    Hubby and I were born and raised there.....moved to AZ about 10 yrs ago, now we look forward to the winters
    09-19-08 10:10 AM