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    Hello to all and thanks for being here. My name is darin and im a crackberry aholic. Now that ive got that out of the way i have a technical question. I have an 8330 curve through verizon. At least 3 times a day my phone will ring and i cant hear the person on the other end. It rings like normal and everything apears fine but i cant hear the person on the other end. I was told to take the battery out and put it back in. That fixes the problem but what a pain in the ****. Please any advice????
    11-11-08 03:58 PM
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    Welcome to CB.

    Is this still going on after you did the first battery pull?
    11-11-08 04:02 PM
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    welcome to crackberry!!
    11-11-08 04:05 PM
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    welcome to CB!

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    11-11-08 04:06 PM
  5. deuce1068's Avatar
    Yes...every time is does it i have to pull the battery.
    11-11-08 04:28 PM
  6. BlackBerryBob's Avatar
    This may sound stupid, but it happened to me...do you use a bluetooth headset?

    Only reason I ask is because I had mine paired, answered my BB (on the BB) and couldn't hear a thing. This actually happened a couple of times before I realized I had my BT on.

    If this isn't the case, I'd return the BB for a new one.
    11-11-08 04:35 PM
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    Welcome to CB
    11-11-08 04:57 PM
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    Sorry can't help you on that one... New one for me.

    Though I promise we won't be pulling an intervention on because of you Crackberry addiction.

    Welcome to CB

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    11-11-08 05:04 PM
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    Again, thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and advice. Take care
    11-11-08 05:24 PM
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    Hey Duece - hope we solved your problem - it's a little hard to tell from your last post. If we haven't, post again! Anyway, welcome to the CB family.
    11-11-08 08:11 PM
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    Welcome to CB!

    Enjoy the addiction
    11-12-08 06:17 AM
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    Hello & welcome to the addiction!!!
    11-12-08 06:19 AM
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    Well.....i made sure my bluetooth was disabled and im still having the same problem. Im just learning to live with it. I still love my BB!!!!
    11-12-08 01:56 PM
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    11-12-08 02:25 PM
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    Crackberry is where it's at... glad you could join us.
    11-14-08 11:29 PM
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    11-15-08 12:26 AM